My Travelogues, Wildlife Photographs

In these pages, you'll see my old collection of travelogues. I do upload photographs now and then. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did doing them.

05-Jan-2006: I may not keep this site up to date with latest travelogues. However I'll upload good photographs as I find time. You can always write to me at sureshsv at I continue to go after birds and animals, for photography and due to the inner force that pushes me to go there, be there. I don't find much time to maintain this site, so I'm archiving it. However I'll keep sharing the photographs I take of our wild friends.

Today our wildlife has been pushed to its limits and survival is a hard game for all wildlife. Many are in the brink of extinction. Our tigers might be wiped out very soon if today's situation continues. Please do what you can to save our wildlife. Not for me or for your sake, but for the sake of mankind. The point of no return is in sight.

Thanks for visiting. - Suresh V.

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